Competitions - Design Exercises

Triumph Architecture - Dream Pavilon Competition

The Triumph Pavilon Award is an annual small scale design competition to propose a temporary structure to be built in London's Museum Garden, Bethnal Green. Its space arrangement was free to choose. Main aspect of the competition is to produce a catchy design piece. The design was elaborated in coorperation with Love Choudhary, Delhi, India.
We decided to thematize the dandelion due to its lightness and beauty.

Triumph Architecture - Architectural Tree House Award
- Finalist -

The purpose of the architectural tree house award was to design a recreational space for a urban couple in the country side. In order to make the forest itself part of the tree house experience, we decided to split the space arrangement into several independent units spread over the forest, to harness the different potential a forest offers. It shape is rather organic, the chosen material is a translucent fibre glass.
In coorperation with Thomas Kuske and Tobias Kusian.
All renderings and the layout were created by Thomas Kuske, Dresden.